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Executive Search & Selection

At Resonate, we specialise in finding the right senior candidates across a wide range of sectors. Using honesty, integrity and experience, we are experts in identifying and attracting senior talent in a fast-moving business world.

Our experienced consultants tailor our proven workflow to your specific needs, while constantly adhering to your budget, timescale and resources. Each one of our senior consultants specialises in their own sector, enabling us to develop a recruitment strategy that will always meet your precise requirements.

We aim to build long-term partnerships with all our clients by studying their businesses, planning ahead and ensuring our strategies will suit their working environment. This enables us to provide a consistently high level of service, ideal for executive-level search and selection.

Non-Executive Directors

NEDs play a vital role in any organization. As well as sitting on the Board, they can also affect the views of your clients, customers, the public and competitors towards your business. What is critical in our process to identify any NED or Chair is a clear understanding of what you require then our sector-specific consultants will begin their search. Our process will involve any combination of networking, head-hunting and where appropriate advertising. As with any search project a professional, discrete and confidential approach are uppermost in our search criteria at all times.

Professional Interim Support

Businesses require short to medium term professional support for a wide range of reasons, from a change in strategic direction to a time-sensitive need for different experience or temporary cover. Occasionally businesses can anticipate the need for interim support, but not always; our experience is in providing timely, high caliber, professional cover.

Our sector-specific clients have significant experience across a wide sphere of industry sectors whether talent is needed immediately for unexpected restructures, or for longer term strategic projects. Whatever the interim requirement we are experienced and proven in sourcing the appropriate talent.

Mapping the Market

When your business need insights into a specific sector, industry or competitor, market mapping can provide the vital information you need; particularly when it comes to the appointment of Board, Director and Senior level positions. This process can be used to uncover details about a competitor's business or provide a comprehensive overview of businesses within a specific area of the market. This information can then be used to support sales, marketing and recruitment, especially when it comes to targeting a particular client demographic.

Our market mapping process involves uncovering comprehensive, relevant information about the organisation or industry in question. This includes specific roles, personal details, responsibilities, contact information and the reporting structures of the business. We pinpoint the strongest individuals in that business or sector. To conclude we provide you with an accurate and current insight into your specific market.

Management Evaluations

Understanding your business' strengths and weaknesses is crucial to its future development, which is why management evaluations and audits are invaluable for smaller limited companies and larger corporate PLCs. During any management evaluations we uncover insights which are vital when it comes to building your business, whether you're recruiting, restructuring the company or planning for acquisition and growth.

Because every business has its own DNA, values and culture each management evaluation needs to be structured appropriately to provide the best possible results with as little disruption to the functionality of the business as possible. For this reason, we don't have standard off the shelf packages. Our approach is to provide a tailor-made process of evaluation and appraisal to fit your business and designed to support its needs throughout the process.

Initially our experienced team will assess your business, working out the correct route then implementing it on an objective basis. We will then provide assessments of candidates or existing management, identifying if further training or replacement would be the most beneficial outcome. Every decision is followed up by a series of confidential and candid reports for both clients and candidates, ensuring that the process is as seamless as possible for everyone involved.

Career Counselling

Career counselling involves working closely with a client to cover a range of career development techniques and processes. It is a bespoke and sensitive procedure and one that can be incredibly beneficial for the client, helping to improve their prospects and reach their career potential.

Career counselling requires a high level of expertise so we work closely with our senior consultants throughout the process, harnessing their experience and advice to ensure our clients get the very most from the process. From periods of career change to career development, we are experienced in all circumstances that might encourage a move forward.

Although every career counseling process is different we would aim to cover an orientation to the recruitment industry and likely recruitment processes that you would encounter. This would include developing your own personal strategy to the job market as well as developing your CV. Once involved in a recruitment process we would help you with interview techniques and negotiation strategy to maximise your chances of finding the ideal role for you.

A different approach to others

We're pleased to introduce our senior team, you will always work alongside one of our founding partners during the search and selection process. We work with a transparent, open approach and in addition to introducing ourselves, we look forward to getting to know you better.

  • Resonate

    Alison Cannon

    Founding Partner

  • Resonate

    Martin Thayne

    Founding Partner

  • Resonate

    Therese Engall

    Founding Partner

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"Resonate conducted a search for BFFF after their own extensive efforts had failed to find a credible shortlist. They delivered a quality shortlist with 3 appointable candidates being found. Throughout the process Resonate kept us well informed and consulted effectively at every stage. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services or using them again".

Brian Young, Chief Executive - British Frozen Foods Federation

"Alison Cannon handled the process with professionalism and the utmost discretion throughout…presented a fantastic shortlist that provided real choice…challenged our thinking by demonstrating a real understanding of our business needs".

Debbie Robinson - Managing Director, Spar UK

"I have worked with Therese for many years now and can categorically say that Therese is in the top three of Senior Search and Recruitment professionals I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with".

Bob King - Compliance & Operational Excellence Director – Hovis Ltd

"We have used Martin on many occasions for our most senior appointments. He is well connected, really understands our business and manages relationships well".

Julian Bell - HR Director at Muller Wiseman Dairies

"I have worked with Alison and Therese and known them for several years. Recently I worked with them on my current role. They stand out amongst head-hunters for their warmth, engagement, VALUES and understanding of the process".

Jason Kelly - Supply Chain Director - Chingford Fruit Ltd

"Therese worked with me to achieve a successful placement in a senior operations role within the food industry. Her first rate knowledge of the industry and her capability to quickly align my career aspirations with the needs of her client were instrumental in this process".

Steve Wood - Operations Director – Tulip Ltd

"I found Martin extremely expert at working out exactly what we wanted and also having the strength in depth of aligning our needs with the right individuals".

John Sharkey - Chief Executive Officer - SEC Ltd